Fade into you.


I have always loved this song because of it’s simplicity and moodiness.  Me?  Like moody songs?  I know.

This is my cover of a song by Mazzy Star.  The vocalist, Hope Sandoval, has one of the sweetest voices.  Cotton candy to the ears.

Performed, recorded, and mixed by Odawni AJ Palmer.

Photo taken by Odawni AJ Palmer.
© 2011

The shape of words (Desert love poem)

The shape of words
Along the Silk Road
Xingiang Province, China


The shape of words (Desert love poem)

I found you
folded in the armpit of a megadune
you were crying
and the winds of the Taklamakan Desert
whipped up sand –
it clung to your face.

I had been stepping through sand
on all fours
in search of a lake.
After two days,
I was trying not to believe
it to be fabled.

I had been left by my Bactrian mate,
not long ago,
for a Uighur man with dusty black hair
and green eyes of jade.

To bide time,
I had been pushing a poem,
endlessly trying to find words that hung together
but nonsensical strings of adjectives
tumbled out in the heat.

I tried to find verse
in the sun and the sand,
I looked for inspiration
in the stars and the wind,
in my breath;
in my fantastic illusory oasis,

no words came ::

but more sand, and more sun,
more wind and more stars, and my breath,
and more sand,
and more sand,

and then you.


Addendum: This poem has been published on the New Zealand-based poetry blog, Tuesday Poem.