On earth.

The Sundays are by far one of my most favorite bands.  The first cassette tape I bought was the soundtrack to Stand By Me.  I got it at a dark and musty shop in DIT1 (or DIT2?) in Dakha, Bangladesh.  The first cassette tape I bought in the US was The Sundays’ album Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  I bought it at Quimper Sound in Port Townsend, when the store use to be on the main street.  I remember it vividly.  Oh how many times I have listened to that tape.

I have been wanting to cover a song of theirs for a while.  I confess, a road block has been my concern that I cannot do Harriet Wheeler’s voice justice.  I cannot.  I decided that since I am singing in an American accent, our voices are not comparable.  Which brings me to another point.  Is it possible to sing along with their records and *not* sing in a British accent?

First time, every time is a.

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First time, every time is a.*
Georgetown and Sodo
Seattle, WA
Spring Quarter, 2010


Sunday, 6.20.10
(Bothell, WA)

Habits are tasks, repeated.
Over and over, we
get groceries.  Browse, pick, purchase.
Bag, store, squeeze, peel,
slice, simmer, taste.
Bed sheets unfolding//folding//unfolding.
Make bed, unmake bed:
laying, sweating, sleeping, laying,
Alarm — alarm set, snooze.  Snooze……
……..      snooze.shit.

Habits are patterns we weave.
In to muscle-memory.
Interrupted regularly by the first times.
Instant and incident, instants and change

Again. and over again.

Every first time.


*These are images from my first self-processed collection of photographs.  I made each photo using a black and white film camera while taking an introductory photography class.  They are from a roll of film I developed and scanned at the Shoreline Community College photo lab.  This is the first and only roll of film I have developed, and sure to not be the last.


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