This is a cover of “Fade into You” by Mazzy Star from their album, So Tonight That I Might See, one of my island discs.

Performed and recorded by o.dawn.i November 11th, 2011.
Photo made by o.dawn.i 2010.



I’d been wanting to write about mental illness for a while. This is my first song on the topic.

Song written, performed, and recorded by o.dawn.i Wednesday, January 9th, 2013.
Photo made by o.dawn.i Monday, May 24th, 2010.

Let go.

A short song. I remember writing this one in the middle of working on another song. It just couldn’t wait to be sung.

Song written, performed, and recorded by o.dawn.i Saturday, January 24th, 2009.
Photo made by o.dawn.i Thursday, June 10th, 2010.

What you feel.

Another one from the vault. And pre-professional mic.

Performed and recorded by o.dawn.i on May 23rd, 2010.

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Alone in love, again.

I’ve shared this song before. In an earlier post. shortly after I wrote it. The older post has the lyrics and a link to a draft – the original – recording of Alone in Love.

Here’s a more filled-out version I recorded after I had settled into the song more. so it sounds a little different than the original recording.

I love the fluidity of creativity. How little alterations drop into place the more you play with something. It’s a lovely lovely process. that never gets old.


Say the things.

stagnant, sediment
periodic sedentary slip
I get what you’re saying
when you use the right words
and say the things
that make sense
if you use past tense
I don’t listen
I don’t understand
It’s not about upper-hand
or who’s wrong
we could talk and talk
and say things, and
use big words. But
will it ever make sense?

Written Thursday, November 1st, 2012 ~1:20am @ Smith with Luke.


Say the things.



More wisdom.

Scraping at the old paint. The mildew.
To the younger wood. The younger wood is wiser.
More wise. Has more wisdom.
More wisdom. Air-locked in the grain.
Young wisdom would tell me to lacquer the surface with varnish.
Vacuum the knowledge I’ve painfully gained.

Written Saturday, December 8th, 2012 @ Murphy’s.


More wisdom.

Photo taken Sunday, May 16th, 2010.



just a few (days)  (ago)
I waited for you – here.  Behind the bar.
And when you arrived.
hands on knees, knees on hands.
behind the bar, the bar.
No one knew
about our steadied meeting eyes.
Those moments. shared moments.
So few, so few.


Written Thursday, September 13th, 2012 @ Smith with Michael & Bosco.


Pink goo.


Until the next eyes
that make my body die
and melt into
a marshmallow fluff of pink goo.
Until my next sigh
when your nose and chin are close enough to smell
moments before possibility,
the first press of new lips.
– skin on skin on skin on skin –

What exhales outside our atmosphere
does. not. matter.
does. not. exist.

a kiss on the forehead – erases memory.


Written Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 @ Joe Bar with Jake.



“Pink goo” was inspired by a line from Marina Tsvetaeva‘s poem, “A kiss on the forehead”.  (1917)

A kiss on the forehead—erases misery.

I kiss your forehead.
A kiss on the eyes—lifts sleeplessness.

I kiss your eyes.
A kiss on the lips—is a drink of water.

I kiss your lips.
A kiss on the forehead—erases memory.


(To read other poems I’ve written that germinated from poetry prompts, search for “poetryprompt” in the search box on the right.)

Carrots & peas.


Make it irrelevant.
Validation is a separate thing –
Carrots & peas.
Boulders in the hourglass.
The process
The time it takes
Not smooth & constant like sand falls through a pinhole.
The effort expended through crestfallen occasions
A constant & consistent kicking up; keep kicking.
The diligence through ‘hopeless’ situations
You can hold hands with it.
They  may be cold, its hands, and calloused at times
They may wear pepper spiked gloves.
So you learn, you practice
You loosen your grip
Not try to hide or run
It has x-ray vision
And moves faster than an angry wind
It’s manageable,
There is a chance.
It’s possible.
Unfurl your fingers, extend your arms
Invite it to stay.
And dance.


Written Tuesday, 03.13.12.