OK, sunshine.

OK, sunshine – here I come*.
Walking to 15th to get coffee with Jake.
E John
Seattle, WA


“OK, sunshine*

…here I come*!”

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*sunshine – Life in the Rain ::: Quantic (The 5th Exotic)
*come – The Crow ::: DJ Food (Kaleidoscope)

When we listen.

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When we listen. ::: Gallery.
Collection: Behind the Wheel.
Seattle, WA
April, 2010

Snap in the lens, and take a peek.
Do you see what I see?

The paint has been peeling;
where once was gold
is kitschy opportunity.

But listen,
if rock bands are willing to reunite,
we have a chance.

If we provide kids the room to think, to speak,                                                                                                                                              to dance, to disagree,
our universal depth of vision,
is deeper than we think.